Neptune Planet Putty Marble Glossy Slime w/ Planet Container

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Neptune Planet Putty Marble Glossy Slime w/ Planet Container

Photos show all 9 Planets and Earth's photo is opened to show how this slime is, but you will receive (1) of the planet shown in the title.

Comes in Round Hard Plastic Planet Container
Planet Putty will not stain furniture or carpets.
Moves, Stretches, Bounces, Molds, Shapes, Oozes like a liquid, but it's not!
Collect all 9 Planets!!

Floam: Floam is slime made with micro beads, which gives it a unique texture. The texture depends on how many beads are used and size dependent to provide a variety of fun textures.

Slime: Slime is made with or without beads, glitter, and has a smoother feel than Floam

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- Toy