Fluffy Clouds Bright White Soft Glossy Base Slime

Fluffy Clouds Bright White Soft Glossy Base Slime

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Fluffy Clouds Bright White Soft Glossy Base Slime for Hours of Fun!

Just like Marshmallows! Have Fun or use this to make your own Marshmallow Slime Creation!

Bright White Soft Glossy Base for Slime or Floam: Use this to make your OWN Slime or Floam! You are welcome to add Mini Beads, Glitter or Coloring to keep it in it's Slime form.

If you add our Micro Beads, then it changes form to a Floam! If you add our Plastic Beads, you will get a Crunchy, Slushie Slime! Your imagination has no limits! Just get started with this base and go from there!

Available in 2, 4, 8, 12 or Jumbo 16 Oz.

Floam: Floam is slime made with micro beads, which gives it a unique texture. The texture depends on how many beads are used and size dependent to provide a variety of fun textures.

Slime: Slime is made with or without beads, glitter, and has a smoother feel than Floam

Characteristics: Both Slime and Floam have unique characteristics, some are fluffy, some are jiggly and anything in between.

All Slime and Floam are handmade without the use of machines and contain Elmer's Glue, Borax activator and a variety of lotions, etc.. Some people can have reactions to increased contact with Borax

Floam & Slime Shipping :

All Orders are shipped in a shrink wrapped, air tight container, inside a padded envelope mailer with full tracking details.

We will include a small bag of Borax, with instructions how to use it, to make your slime less sticky from the heat of shipping travel

Included in purchase:
- Slime / Floam
- Shrink Wrapped Air Tight Container
- Activator & Instructions