Bold Black Mini Beads - Slimes & Floams - Small

Bold Black Mini Beads - Slimes & Floams - Small

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Bold Black Mini Beads for Slimes or Floams - Small

Small Size Beads (2-4mm)

Available in (2 or 5) Oz. Containers

Please Note: 5 Oz. size is shipped in a 5.5 Oz Container, due to static in beads, it is not filled to top of container.

Black beads shed some color and are especially shown well in our Oreo / Cookies and Cream Slime.

Floam: Floam is slime made with micro beads, which gives it a unique texture. The texture depends on how many beads are used and size dependent to provide a variety of fun textures.

Slime: Slime is made with or without beads, glitter, and has a smoother feel than Floam

Included in purchase:

- Shrink Wrapped Mini Beads Container