Slime & Floam Questions ?

Cake Batter Slime Soft Serve


When will my order be shipped and/or arrive?

I will make, process, pack and ship your package within 1-3 business days of your order being placed.

If you chose Priority Mail, your package takes 2-3 days to get to you.  Regular shipping will vary by state, coming from North Carolina and can be 2-7 days.

Be sure to type your address in correctly, U.S. Post Office will only ship to "confirmed" addresses, so make sure to enter your complete address. If using Paypal, we only ship to Confirmed Addresses.

Upon shipping, I will always provide a tracking number - Please click on your tracking number link for updates.

Why did the beads separate from the Slime/Floam?

The foam beads are lighter than the slime and will “float” to the top of the container, when you store it or ship it. when you open your slime, simply knead it back together with your hands.

Why is my Slime/Floam Sticky?

Slime/Floam will have varying consistencies, depending on storage and especially shipping. We have included Borax activator with instructions to reduce the stickiness upon arrival of your purchase. Before you open your slime container, be sure to read the enclosed instructions.

Can you eat this Slime/Floam?

Definitely Not! Slime/Floam is made with Elmer's Glue, Borax and other lotions. Would you really eat glue?

Who Makes Your Slime/Floam?

I make all Slime and Floam creations, generally by myself, while I also attend school and help out around the house. My Father helps with the online stores, auctions, photos and shipping. My Mother helps with getting supplies. My Brother just watches and laughs:)